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    Michael Hero  Patrick Hero Emanuel Warja Daniel Mouton

   Lead Vocals & Guitar    Bass & Bg Vocals  Guitar & Bg Vocals Drums & Bg Vocals

Band info

“The HERO” means Heavy, melancholic and beautiful songs that appeal to more than just “Metal Heads”.
The recipe for The HERO is: heavy groovy guitars, thundering bass, bombastic drums, melodic baritone vocals but most important of all, strong melodies for the eternity.”

-It’s heavy and brooding, but has melodies that just find a way to crawl under your skin and get their hooks in deep.
(White Throne Metal Review)

“The HERO” is not the hardest band out there, nor the fastest, but definitely an “ORIGINAL” band and you cannot really compare The HERO with something else, The HERO has an “original- touched” sound. Yes! It’s heavy, yes! It’s beautiful, yes! It’s catchy. Yes! It’s gothic, yes! It’s dark, yes it’s immortal, YES! IT’S THE HERO.

They aren’t trying to be the fastest or the heaviest, but an artist that pulls you in and won’t let you go. Your first listen might prove unfruitful, but keep listening and soon you’ll be rewarded. Sometimes the artists that demand you listen more than once are the ones that last the longest.
(White Throne Metal Review)

Current “The HERO” line-up is: Michael Hero-Guitar and Lead vocals, Emanuel Wärja-Guitar and Background vocals, Daniel Mouton-Drums & Patrick Hero-Bass.

Michael Hero proves he does indeed know how to write a very catchy melody. It’s also his baritone lead vocal that adds to the atmosphere of Hero. Michael and Bjorn Sundström show they’ve got the chops with crunching guitar tone and some very melodic playing. They’re complemented by a very strong and talented rhythm section in: Daniel Mouton on drums and Henrik Deleskog on bass. Olov Andersson and Johan Adler adds on “Backtrack” a melancholy keyboard that is the finishing touch on a very cool sound.
(White Throne Metal Review)

“The HERO” is a highly energetic experience on stage and live. Prepare to cry, prepare to laugh and prepare to rock! The HERO will hold you in a grip from which you cannot escape. You’ll be humming the tunes when you go to sleep.

‘Blood Red Roses’, ‘Immortal’, ‘Gasoline’ and ‘Funeral of Death’ have such a moody melodic feel they’re infectious. Definitely heavy, definitely catchy and you’ll be humming those chorus’ before the end. Listen to ‘R.I.P.’ and I can see the windmills moving to the haunting powerful rhythms and surging chorus.
(White Throne Metal Review)

Press kit

Download “The HERO press kit” ENGLISH VERSION HERE
Download “The HERO press kit” SWEDISH VERSION HERE
Gig history (in selection)
– Pub Anchor, Stockholm SWE
– Club RoQ, Stockholm SWE
– Whisky A-Go-go, Los Angeles, Ca USA
– Angel City Café, Long Beach, Ca USA
– SoCal Metal Fest, Orange county, Ca USA
– Live in Kumla, SWE
– Rock in Torino, Västervik SWE

– Pub Anchor, Stockholm SWE
– PSB Rock Club, Stockholm SWE

– Westbay Rock Club, Västervik SWE
– White Metal Cafe, Stockholm SWE

– Rock festival, Karlshamn SWE

– Pub Anchor, Stockholm SWE
– The Rock Bar, Karlstad SWE
– Release party at Rephuset Rotebro, Stockholm SWE
– Jesusmanifestationen 2013, Stockholm SWE
– Hölje Röck-festival 2013, Olofström SWE

– Tyfri MC 10th-anniversary, Tyresö SWE
– Rephuset Rotebro, Stockholm SWE
– Frizon Festival 2012, Örebro SWE
– Bellas place, Bromölla SWE
– Jesusmanifestationen 2012, Stockholm SWE
– Bryggeriet, Motala SWE
– Henkes Wedding, Örebro SWE

– Metal prayer day, Stockholm SWE
– Hamnrock, Motala SWE
– Jesusmanifestationen, Stockholm SWE
– Uskavigården, Örebro SWE
– Rock club, Upplands Väsby SWE
– Rephuset Rotebro, Stockholm SWE
– Pub Anchor, Stockholm SWE

– Nordanskog MC, Hallsberg SWE
– Gospel Bible Camp, Gusum SWE
– Christian Crusaders MC, Örebro SWE
– Harry B James rock club, Stockholm SWE
– Pub Anchor, Stockholm SWE
– Rephuset, Stockholm SWE

– Release “Immortal” Café Lyran, Stockholm SWE
– Cornerstone festival, Illinois USA
– Rissnekyrkan, Stockholm SWE
– Vaxholm, Stockholm SWE
– Gusum, Gusum  SWE
– Rephuset, Stockholm SWE
Among others….

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